Andrew and Alice Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Andrew and Alice

Wedding Day: 06/04/2013

Ceremony: St James Church

Photoshoot: Alfred Nicholas Gardens, National Rhododendron Gardens 

Reception: Mist @ Olinda



While vogue and trendy weddings are certainly in fashion, what I love the most are the traditional weddings that follow all the age-old rituals and give more meaning to this overall ceremony. The wedding ceremony of Andrew and Alice took place in the historical St James Church which has been witness to many such ceremonies before. Alice looked gorgeous in the white traditional wedding gown and so did Andrew in his stylish tuxedo.  

However, I wanted to give the shoot of Andrew & Alice another dimension and hence I asked them to pose for wedding photography Melbourne at the picturesque and well-manicured Alfred Nicholas gardens and the National Rhododendron Gardens. The greens and yellows of the surroundings brought element of romance in the photographs. The white and black combination of Andrew and Alice in the backdrop of such vibrant color displays provided wedding photographer Melbourne just the ideal setting for perfect wedding shoot. The tall trees could not curtail the peeping sunlight that gave the photographs a more dynamic orientation. With the light and darkness playing hide and seek, I could not resist the wedding photographer Melbourne inside me from clicking few shadow photographs that accentuated the traditional costume of t he bride and bridegroom in the shady backdrop of bright light and darkness.

The ceremony itself was very colorful and all the guests were wearing traditional costumes, especially meant for wedding. The whole ethos of catholic wedding could be seen vividly during the ceremony and I was glad that I could be a part of such a well-managed and vibrant gathering for some wonderful wedding photography Melbourne shots. From the church brass band to the moment when the bride and the bridegroom walk to the aisle for taking the wedding vows, everything seemed to be perfectly executed. The reception at Mist @ Olinda was a wonderful example of a gathering exuding happiness and excitement.

If you too are having a traditional wedding ceremony, do contact me. I would certainly love to be there.  

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