Chris and Dani Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Chris & Dani

Wedding Day: 23/03/2013

Photoshoot: Beaumaris Beach

Reception: Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron 

Ceremony: Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron



Chris and Dani’s wedding was one of the most electrifying I have had to attend in the course of my work as a wedding photographer in Melbourne. Right from the start to the very end, guests, family, and friends were spellbound by this event. I must confess that a lot of effort was put into this spectacular showpiece.

And what better way to preserve that memory than to have it captured in pictures and stored for generations yet unborn to relish in it. My job as a wedding photographer in Melbourne is not complete until I see that smile and excitement in the eyes of the couples when they view the finished work; that is what makes me fulfilled. As such, a lot of work goes into planning the shoot and how it would bring out the best from the weddings – that is no small task at all.

Thanks to my collection of brilliant cameras and lenses, I can easily capture the best possible shots with crisp details that would show even the thinnest hair strands in the pictures. What is more, I only employ the best photography editing software to enhance, tone the colour, and bring to life a wonderful mixture of the background and people in the shot.

Beaumaris beach has always been one of my most favourite spots for snapping wedding couples, and this time wasn’t a disappointment either; the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron photo shots are just unbelievable to behold. It is weddings like this that truly brings out the genius in my work as a professional photographer.

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