Kin Wa WONG & Wwan Yin YIP’s Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Kin Wa WONG & Wwan Yin YIP

Wedding Day: 16/03/2013

Ceremony: Held At: – Old Treasury Building

Photoshoot: Held at:- Old Treasury Building, Fitzroy Botanical Garden, Docklands

Reception: Held At: – The Grand Hotel

My role as wedding photographer often fluctuates from sometimes being the driving force, director of photographer, choreographer, stylist,,,, and other times I am more just the camera man with the wedding couple having a very specific location in mind for their wedding photo shoot, and also the styling of their poses. The latter was more the case on this occasion.

Kin and Wwan contacted me several months before their wedding and briefed me on what they were looking for from their photo-shoot. Though they were getting married in Melbourne, they were not from Melbourne and needed help finding a suitable location for their shoot. It needed to capture the spirit of their union, which was love, freedom and living in a modern world. The shoot itself took place in several locations so we could capture them carefree in a park setting but then more urban chic in a streetscape. I was able to guide with poses but they were such naturals – like magazine models that at one point I was just firing away as they posed.

They were a very fun couple to shoot, very clear on what they wanted and eager to instruct me, as well as very happy to hear some advice and options. The end result was a shoot I was super proud to be involved in, I hope I get a chance to shoot more weddings like this one.

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