Rob and Penelope Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Rob & Penelope

Wedding Day: 17/06/2013

Photoshoot: St Kilda Beach

Reception: Riva – St Kilda




So far, one of the best collections of enhanced photography I have ever done Is Rob and Penelope Wedding. This brilliant wedding between Rob and Penelope has helped to further bring out the genius in me. It was a spectacular wedding that deserves great pictures to tell the story afterwards – and my camera, plus my brain did not disappoint.

I remember Rob telling me when he hired my service how he counts on my antecedents and recommendations to make the wedding really memorable. That was a challenge to my genius and I am glad I did not get sloppy on the big day. The photo-shoot at St. Kilda beach was just awesome; it was everything a professional photographer would ever ask for. Perfect lighting, great background views, and a couple that are truly meant for each other.

The vintage car that conveyed the couple, the props, the hall at Riva – St. Kilda, and the faces of those beautiful guests all made the day. This is one wedding that would be talked about for a long time to come. You could see the love between the couple radiating in the air, filling every square inch of the landscape; I have been to many weddings in the past both at a professional level and as guest, this one stands out brilliantly.

And that is one thing I love about being a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I get the opportunity to have a double view of the occasions – both as a guest who is there to enjoy the show, and as a professional whose job it is to tell the story through the power of the camera lens. If weddings and the glamour that follows it determines how long a wedding would last, I can confidently say, from the amazing poses and shots these photos of Rob and Penelope exhibit that theirs would last a lifetime.

Weddings don’t get any better than this; simplistic in nature, yet very extraordinary. Without any prejudice, it is clear that this couple knew what they wanted; hiring the service of Nova Wedding photography,Melbourne has not only helped to preserve the magical moments, our work has brought art out of a wedding and would sure keep tongues busy about this wedding for a very long time.

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