Rory & Yvette Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Rory & Yvette

Wedding Day: 13/07/2013

Photoshoot: Panton Hill Winery

Reception: Panton Hill Winery

Ceremony: Panton Hill Winery




Weddings have a way of bringing out the creative side in us; how could I have ever thought that conducting a wedding in a winery would make any sense. But my doubts were all cleared the moment I visited the place for evaluation prior to the wedding day. And on the D-day, a nice blend of the joys in the faces of these happy couple with the wonderful glamour oozing out of the guests and the natural, serene view of the Panton Hill Winery simply took my breath away. Never have I seen such beauty and magnificence displayed in an area so dreamlike yet full of life – it was like a walk in Alice’s Wonderland.

The gorgeous looking bride simply stole the show – posing with almost everybody in one style or the other for such wonderful shots that would also boost my work as a professional photographer. As far as I keep getting these sorts of wonderful people as clients, wedding photography in Melbourne would never remain the same.

The level of cooperation I got from the small number of guests during every shot was just incredible; so mature were they one would think we have rehearsed the whole show beforehand. And because of the beautiful, picturesque environment, I needn’t do much enhancement on the photos and yet everyone who has seen them had been awestruck at first sight.

I love photography because of the way it tells stories, but I relish in it more with such couples like Rory & Yvette; they make a wedding photographer in Melbourne like me feel fulfilled. The emotions, the hugs and kisses, the tears of joy, and immaculate white gown – all these just make for a successful wedding, just as much as my photography story telling makes the occasion even more memorable.

Sometimes I wonder what people in time past before the invention of cameras did to relish in those moments when they exchanged vows. We are certainly lucky in this generation to have professional photographers with advanced cameras to help us preserve those beautiful moments and help tell the wedding stories to our children and grandchildren; Rory & Yvette’s fantastic wedding has really gotten me feeling grateful for such an opportunity to be part of something great – that would last a lifetime.

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