Wedding Photography Services

Nova Photography is a family business that delivers big studio professionalism without big studio prices. We provide quality service, and personal approach our team will work with you to create a custom package thats right for you and that will fulfill all your needs while staying within your budget. We will be with you every step of the way to capture every minute of the day that will go by oh so quickly. We will capture those fleeting moments of beauty that you missed in the frenzy of this magical day as well as those you wished could last forever.

You will get an eclectic creative mix of traditional and contemporary formal and candid tiniest details and group shots flowers and food smiles and tears But the service doesnt stop there. Custom made albums in a variety of styles and sizes sizes prints canvas watercolors metallic and crystal portraits we have it all Engagement sessions Bar Bat Mitzvahs Sweet 16th birthday and anniversary parties families and senior portraits we do it all We are located in Melbourne.

Our wedding collections start from $695 and are completely customizable to meet your needs and your budget. Contactus at 04311 95977 to create a wedding collection of your dreams We dont want to meet your expectations. We want to exceed them!

Melbourne Wedding Videography

If a picture paints a thousands words, a video writes a novel. These days recording your most previous day usually involves making the most of both photographic and video media as they have different strengths.
Wedding Photography is great, as each shot can be staged/choreographed, the images themselves are super high definition and each one can be colour corrected and Photoshopped. Photos can be printed and displayed more easily than video.

A wedding Video captures the event itself. The speeches(though weve sometimes been asked to edit out some of the toasts from the best man icon smile Melbourne Wedding Videos Packages Melbourne Wedding Videos ) the dancing the the vows these things just can not be recorded by Wedding Photography alone.Being a Wedding Videographer is much more than being able to point a video camera.Its knowing where to point it so the action is covered how to frame your shots how to edit cut in music. Its a big job and its very important. In some ways wedding videography is much more difficult than working as a camera man on a set. At a wedding Your videographer gets one chance. There are no reshoots no multiple takes no OK lets do it again I need to take the same shot from the other side.
They have to be in position to get the best shot of the most important moments.
It takes skill and experience and dedication to the task.
We recommend both a photography and wedding video package to capture your wedding from every possible perspective.
We have a variety of packages for each and every budget.

Photo Retouch






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