Shelley & Leigh Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Shelley and Leigh

Wedding Day: 31/08/2013

Photoshoot: Royal Botanical Gardens

Reception: The Terrance Reception

Ceremony: Scots Church  




Working as a professional wedding photographer is sure hectic and can become very cumbersome some times; with all the pressure and frenzy the couple is enmeshed in, family people, lighting the venue, and all what not. Anyway, the satisfaction I derive from the happiness and smile on the faces of the couple in the pictures compensates real good. Shelley and Leigh’s wedding is one of my most remarkable photography moments; weddings like this come once in a while, and when they do, I relish in them with all pleasure.

The photo-shoot at the Royal Botanical Gardens was just exceptional, experimenting with different poses that have been running in my head for a while was indeed a privilege. It was like a fairy tale wedding; the bride and groom are such a perfect match as though picked from a catalogue; and the bridesmaids were just great.

The actual ceremony at Scots church was a blast and I think this wedding would go down memory lane as one of the most fantastic ever held in that magnificent hall. I loved every moment of this shoot; the groomsmen were charming, but the bride’s ladies were even more spectacular. All the colours blended together perfectly to produce brilliant pictures that would tell the story of that amazing day.

Though not possible, I wish I could do this wedding all over again it was so much fun. Even the reception party at The Terrence Reception arena was just perfect; gorgeously dressed ladies and gentlemen, and little kids who looked just like fairies. Indeed the sight of beautiful people immaculately dressed with genuine smiles on their faces can do more than light up any photograph.

Undeniably, wedding photography in Melbourne has moved on from the amateurish, once-in-a-while stint, the level of professionalism required to properly light the area, get the bride and groom in excellent poses and focus, and churn out mesmerizing photos requires experts to deliver. Shelley and Leigh understood this and little wonder Nova Wedding photographers, Melbourne was chosen. Our high quality work and dedication to duty stands us out from the crowd and we set the bar for others to follow.

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