-Britt & James

LOOK NO FURTHER. NOVAWEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY will simply offer you amazing photography services for your wedding.
They see things differently and also in a unique way. We have just gotten back a few photos from our wedding and
we can’t believe the kind of pictures we have. SIMPLY AWESOME and recommended.

– Erin

They did an amazing photography work at our wedding in May. We got refereed to them by a friend. They were
able to get shots without getting in the way of everyone at the party. All the picture we have seen so far are
awesome and our friends and family keeps telling us that NOVAWEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY is the best wedding photography
they have ever seen. We are so happy and satisfied.

– Tanya

I did a lot of research on the best photography services in Melbourne since I wanted a photographer who is
unique but yet classy and fun. NOVAWEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY exceeded my expectations. He used his creative mind and
the shoot came out so incredible.

– Ashley and Dave

We are just saying thank you for the brilliant work you did at our wedding. My friends are really amazed at
the photos and we simply want to recommend your services for anybody around Melbourne. Your photos were fabulous
from the start to finish of the ceremony.

-Chris and Jessica

Thank you so much for beautifully capturing every detail of our wedding. The spirit of that day was amazingly
captured by your lens. You made our day so special…!!!


Novawedding Photography has a unique way of changing ordinary situations and giving them artistic flair. I am
really happy the way they handled every level of the shooting and production of the final photos. They also take
care of the clients and ensure you are satisfied with final product.

-Elly & Steve

My husband and I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did during our wedding. We could have asked for
any better wedding photographer – Novawedding photography are not only talented but also creative. Thank you so


NOVAWEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY captured our wedding day like a story through their amazing photography services. The
amazing photos make us remember every moment of our special day. Thanks again for everything

– Kate 2015

Thank you so much Novawedding Photography for the awesome work during our wedding day early this year. We
Love, Love, Love, Love all the photos and also the creativity presented. We could never have asked for more.


Novawedding Photography is simple amazing. They are fantastic and absolutely wonderful. They managed to
capture everything so well even when we had a little cry..!!!! I can’t stop looking at the photos. Thank you so


Every time I look at our wedding photos taken by Novawedding Photography, I get blown away. I just love the
amazing job you guys did and will recommend you to my friends. You work exceeded our expectations and I can say
we were lucky to have you as our photographer during our special day. Thank you.


We will like to thank you for the beautiful photographs you took during our wedding. You put so much effort
in making us feel relaxed both in our pre-wedding and wedding day. The creativity in the photos present so many
lovely memories that we will treasure forever. Thank you so much


We highly recommend Novawedding Photography to any couple planning for a wedding. Novawedding Photography’s
work is simply amazing, elegant and artistic and also with a modern touch. I have spent hours looking at the
photos from our wedding and I am very happy with the quality and the story they tell. They captured our special
day so amazingly and beautifully. Thank you so much.

-Audrey & Richard

Thank you so much Novawedding Photography for making every moment from our wedding memorable. You have great
talent and the photos are amazing. The experience of working with you was awesome and my family and friends are
happy in regard to the beautiful wedding photos. Thank you so much.
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