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Welcome to Nova Wedding Photography and Video Production Melbourne. We are specialists in capturing your special day, and the days surrounding it.  We can provide a wedding day only photography and videography service, or we can provide a whole package for you, capturing the lead up events, the wedding day preparations… even create a romantic video of the betrothed in the form of a lovers romantic video.

Melbourne based we have a ticket to ride anywhere in Australia, having recently flown in to do an Island shoot in Qld, as well as several weddings on the NSW / Victorian Border.  We can advise on Wedding Photo Shoot locations, back up plans in case it rains, printing plans if desired and much more.  This is not a sideline for us – capturing your special day in all its magnificence is our purpose in life.

Pre Wedding Shoots
Your wedding day is the big day but capturing only your wedding day photographically and in video is some ways like just capturing the moment a marathon runner crosses the finish line.  Oh its the most exciting and important part… but there is so much that happens before the wedding. We can capture all sorts of pre wedding events, the bride getting ready, hens and buck nights(or not if you think such events need to be kept private!) If you want more than just the final product captured, we can help make that happen too.

Melbourne Wedding Videos
A picture may paint a thousand words, but a video sings ten thousand. No Wedding would be complete without a video capture of the events. We can shoot, edit and produce a high quality wedding video, add music as required, even record the pre wedding preparations, the jitters, the joy, the last minute rush – all the pleasure and panic that goes into the big day for you to look back on and relive. Check out our wedding video page for more information.

So don’t just think photography when you think Nova, think Melbourne Wedding Videography as well!

Nova Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Melbourne

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    Chris and Dani Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Chris & Dani Wedding Day: 23/03/2013 Photoshoot: Beaumaris Beach Reception: Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron  Ceremony: Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron      Chris and Dani’s wedding was one of…

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  • Shelley and Leigh Wedding

    Shelley & Leigh Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Shelley and Leigh Wedding Day: 31/08/2013 Photoshoot: Royal Botanical Gardens Reception: The Terrance Reception Ceremony: Scots Church         Working as a professional wedding photographer…

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  • Rory & Yvette Wedding

    Rory & Yvette Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Rory & Yvette Wedding Day: 13/07/2013 Photoshoot: Panton Hill Winery Reception: Panton Hill Winery Ceremony: Panton Hill Winery       Weddings have a way of bringing…

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  • Andrew & Alice Wedding

    Andrew and Alice Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Andrew and Alice Wedding Day: 06/04/2013 Ceremony: St James Church Photoshoot: Alfred Nicholas Gardens, National Rhododendron Gardens  Reception: Mist @ Olinda     While vogue and trendy weddings…

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  • Rob & Penelope Wedding

    Rob and Penelope Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Rob & Penelope Wedding Day: 17/06/2013 Photoshoot: St Kilda Beach Reception: Riva – St Kilda       So far, one of the best…

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  • Admir and Selma wedding

    Admir & Selma Wedding

    Bride and Grooms Name: Admir & Selma Wedding Day: 10/05/2013 Ceremony: Melbourne Mosque Photoshoot: Williamstown garden.     If I were a friend of either Admir or Selma and…

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