Calvin & Feruza’s Wedding

Bride and Grooms Name: Calvin & Feruza

Wedding Day: 07/04/2013

Ceremony: Home ceremony

Photoshoot: Tullamarine Park

Reception: Home Reception

What a great couple, I was so happy Calvin and Feruza chose me as their wedding photographer. The wedding itself was such a relaxed, homey affair. Both the ceremony and the reception were held at their home. But don’t be thinking this wasn’t a passionate affair just because it was a wedding at home rather than on a desert island – this was a couple totally in love and their deepness and tenderness of their emotions came through in the shoot.

Maybe they are just the naturally happiest people in the world, maybe it was just the big day but their joy was infectious and the whole party was caught up in their joy.

I wish them all the best in their future married life, with luck their marriage will mirror the joy of their wedding day.

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