Daniel and Sarah wedding

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Daniel and Sarah Melbourne Magic and Merlot: Capturing the Enchantment of Daniel & Sarah’s St. Annes Winery Wedding As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed countless love stories unfold against the city’s vibrant backdrop. But sometimes, a wedding transcends the urban jungle and embraces the rolling hills and sun-drenched vineyards of Victoria’s countryside. Daniel and […]

Chris and Dani Wedding


Chris and Dani Bride and Grooms Name : Chris & Dani Wedding Day : 23/03/2013 Ceremony : Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Photoshoot : Beaumaris Beach Reception : Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron Chris and Dani’s wedding was one of the most electrifying I have had to attend in the course of my work as a wedding […]

Shelley & Leigh Wedding


Shelley and Leigh Bride and Grooms Name : Shelley and Leigh Wedding Day : 31/08/2013 Ceremony : Scots Church Photoshoot : Royal Botanical Gardens Reception : The Terrance Reception Working as a professional wedding photographer is sure hectic and can become very cumbersome some times; with all the pressure and frenzy the couple is enmeshed […]

Rory & Yvette Wedding


Rory & Yvette Bride and Grooms Name : Rory & Yvette Wedding Day : 13/07/2013 Ceremony : Panton Hill Winery Photoshoot : Panton Hill Winery Reception : Panton Hill Winery Weddings have a way of bringing out the creative side in us; how could I have ever thought that conducting a wedding in a winery […]

Admir & Selma Wedding


Admir & Selma Bride and Grooms Name : Admir & Selma Wedding Day : 10/05/2013 Ceremony : Melbourne Mosque Photoshoot : Williamstown garden. If I were a friend of either Admir or Selma and I missed their wedding for any reason, it would take a long time for me to forgive myself and get over […]

Andrew and Alice Wedding


Andrew and Alice Bride and Grooms Name : Andrew and Alice Wedding Day : 06/04/2013 Ceremony : St James Church Photoshoot : Alfred Nicholas Gardens, National Rhododendron Gardens Reception : Mist @ Olinda While vogue and trendy weddings are certainly in fashion, what I love the most are the traditional weddings that follow all the […]

Rob and Penelope Wedding


Rob and Penelope Bride and Grooms Name : Rob & Penelope Wedding Day : 17/06/2013 Photoshoot : St Kilda Reception : Riva – St Kilda So far, one of the best collections of enhanced photography I have ever done Is Rob and Penelope Wedding. This brilliant wedding between Rob and Penelope has helped to further […]

Calvin & Feruza’s Wedding


Calvin & Feruza Bride and Grooms Name : Calvin & Feruza Wedding Day : 07/04/2013 Ceremony : Home ceremony Photoshoot : Tullamarine Park Reception : Home Reception What a great couple, I was so happy Calvin and Feruza chose me as their wedding photographer. The wedding itself was such a relaxed, homey affair. Both the […]

Corryn & Chris’s Wedding


Corryn & Chris Bride and Grooms Name : Corryn & Chris Wedding Day : 17/11/2012 Ceremony : Royal Botanical Garden Photoshoot : Royal Botanical Garden Reception : Sheraton Hotel It was clear the bridesmaids were close friends of the bride and were taking their roles of supporting the bride very seriously. During the preparation they […]

Kin Wa WONG & Wwan Yin YIP’s Wedding


Kin Wa WONG & Wwan Yin YIP Bride and Grooms Name : Kin Wa WONG & Wwan Yin YIP Wedding Day : 16/03/2013 Ceremony : Held At: – Old Treasury Building Photoshoot : Held at:- Old Treasury Building, Fitzroy Botanical Garden, Docklands Reception : Held At: – The Grand Hotel My role as wedding photographer […]

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