Capturing Candid Moments: Storytelling in Melbourne Wedding Photography

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Melbourne, with its vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and endless possibilities, is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. But what makes a Melbourne wedding truly special? It’s the people, the energy, and the raw emotions that unfold throughout the day. As a Melbourne wedding photographer, it’s my job to capture these candid moments and weave them […]

Location Scouting for Your Melbourne Wedding Shoot


Finding an awesome place for your wedding day photoshoot is important.  Look, we are good enough to make almost any place LOOK magical but by taking you to a magical place for your wedding day photo shoot… you will FEEL magical whilst the camera is working and this will show in the photos.

Wedding Photography in Melbourne


If a picture paints a thousand words, a video writes a novel. These days recording your most previous day usually involves making the most of both photographic and video media as they have different strengths.

Why choose a professional to shoot your Wedding?

Digital Camera equipment

I’m camera guy and spend a lot of time reading about the latest and greatest cameras to hit the market.  I’ve been around the block a few times –  I remember when digital SLR cameras made it to 3 megapixels resolution and I was wondering if they would one day ever make it to 10.

Enhancing photographic creativity – Some Tips

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One of my greatest joys is presenting the finished shots to my clients and having them get so excited over the creativity in the shots.  This excites me more than any other possible compliment, because in my view, its this creativity that’s makes a professional photographer stand out from the crowd.  

The Art of Photography


With the introduction of high-tech DLSRs and smartphones nowadays, photography has become a norm among people. People use digital photography as a means to take photos and post them online. But taking pictures is much more than pointing the camera at an object and clicking away.